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Anger Releasing Workshop

The Workshop experientially explores the various ways in which anger can be expressed and the ways in which to work most effectively with others who need to expressively release Anger.

Lasts 1 day   Costs £80.00   Date: Please contact

Is this Workshop for you?

This workshop is for individuals who want/need to express their own anger in a safe way and/or anyone employed in the ‘helping professions’ who are assisting clients to express their feelings.

Entry Requirements

You will need to be at least 16 years of age or accompanied by an appropriate adult and be able to provide minimal details of your personal interest in attending the Workshop if you are not a qualified professional or ‘helping professions’ student.

Workshop Description

The Workshop has two main strands/themes:

  • Experientially expressing anger safely
  • Experientially facilitate others in expressing their anger safely

This aspect of the Workshop will enhance your ability to:

  • Understand anger and its safe expression
  • The effect repressed anger has on an individual
  • The correlation between abuse and repressed anger

The Workshop provides the unique opportunity to:

  • Release anger
  • Help other release anger
  • Take into consideration cultural restraints on expressing anger

What is the time commitment?

10am - 4pm

When is the next Workshop

Please contact

How much does the Workshop cost?

The Workshop costs 80.00.

£60 for existing LC&CTA students

Please send all completed forms (together with payment where appropriate) to:

Chris Brown MA MBACP (Accred)
Broadway House,
15-16 Deptford Broadway,
London SE8 4PA

If you have any queries, please call or email and will be pleased to help.

Workshop Booking

(CPD Workshops and Short CPD Courses)

Please complete a Workshop Booking Form and post it to the above address together with payment. Your reservation will be confirmed in writing.

Workshop Booking Form

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