Intro/Intermediate Certificate in Counselling Skills

This course incorporates our 'Introduction to Counselling' Course and is for anyone who works or is interested in working with other people in a wide variety of professions.

The course helps you to develop your practical counselling skills, examines counselling theory, particularly client-centred philosophy and will be of great benefit to those who wish to improve their relationships with others.

Intro/Intermediate Certificate in Counselling Skills

Qualification / Award

Externally Moderated by LH-BACP Accredited

Next date

Monday 09th September, 2024

Time commitment

There are two opportunities to join the course during the academic year and you will engage in 90 hours of study time during the course; you will also need to study at home for approximately 4 hours a week.
The course starts in September and January and runs for 24 weeks (2 Academic Terms). Morning or Evening Class (6pm-9pm).


24 weeks

Inclusive cost


Please complete a Course Application Form and submit by post or in person.

Upon receipt of your application you will be invited to an Initial Assessment Interview. This interview will take place with one of our knowledgeable Tutors in order to ensure that the course you wish to join suits your aims and needs. It is also important for you to be fully aware of the level of commitment required to successfully complete your studies. You will also have the opportunity to ask detailed questions and the chance to explore the learning environment, facilities, resources and support we offer our students.

Payment of fees

Course enrolment and fee payment directly follows the initial assessment interview. When we issue your interview invitation, we will provide you with the detailed enrolment and fee payment instructions for the course in question.

Course Application Form



HPD Assessment Form (Higher Professional Diploma applicants only)



Is this course for you?

This course builds on what students have learned during the Introduction Course; and similarly to the Introduction Course is for anyone who works or is interested in working with other people in a wide variety of professions.
Our students continue to explore their personal values and beliefs. You will also continue to explore your understanding of others and continue to examine how your attitudes impact on your personal and professional relationships.
The course helps you to further develop your practical counselling skills, looks deeper in to counselling theory, particularly client-centred philosophy; and will be of great benefit to those who wish to improve their relationships with others.

Entry requirements


  • You need to have Level 2 oral and written English communication skills, or be willing to work toward gaining such skills.
  • Be willing to discuss some of your thoughts and feelings with other students and your tutors.
  • Be willing to give and receive feedback from your peers.
  • Have commitment to exploring your relationships with others and how your values, attitudes and beliefs impact on these relationships.
  • Be committed to your learning.
  • Internal Applicants: Must have tutor recommendation to progress.
  • External Applicants: Need to attend a group interview and assessment process with a Certificate in Counselling tutor.



A large element of the work is based on experiential learning and observation and it involves commitment to personal development; often the course continues to provide students with a life changing experience.

The course:

  • Enhances your theoretical understanding of the three main approaches to counselling.
  • Enhances: counselling skills development; identification, practice and the effective application of these skills.
  • Enhances personal growth and understanding.
  • Further enhances your understanding of others.
  • Enhances your ability to work effectively transculturally and with diversity.
  • Develops basic research and oral presentation skills.


You will also have regular meetings with one of the course tutors to discuss your learning and developmental needs.

Course content

There are 7 Units to the course, which are:

  • Working Ethically
  • Using Counselling Skills
  • Extending Empathy, UPR and Congruence
  • Focusing on the Client’s Needs and Goals
  • Self-Awareness and Diversity
  • Reflecting and Evaluating Own Effectiveness
  • Basic Research and Research Skills



£ 749.00


£749.00 Payable by an enrolment deposit of £349.00 followed by 2 monthly payments of £200.00.

There are no concessions on counselling courses.


Similar to the Introduction Course, assessment is continuous and based on a portfolio of evidence which you build throughout the duration of the course.
You will also work with others in sub-groups to complete a basic Research Project into an area of diversity which interests you. With your group you will also make a short class presentation of your project.
There is also a short assessment during which you observe a counselling session and answer a number of questions about what you have observed.


Externally Moderated by LH-BACP Accredited

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