Student Complaints

All arising student issues are dealt with confidentially and fairly but will involve the person/s you have issue with.

However, on rare occasions an issue can become more serious and may grow into a complaint. We will always try to resolve any complaint you have to your satisfaction; please ensure you follow our Complaints Procedure as it is designed to help both you and us find a solution to your complaint which is acceptable and works for all parties.

Complaints Procedure

  1. In the first instance always discuss the complaint with the person concerned, if you need a supported meeting to do so, your course tutor (or one of the Co-Directors) will arrange this. We will try to resolve the complaint at this stage.
  2. If you are unable to resolve your complaint with your tutor’s (Co-Director) assistance you will be asked to outline your complaint in writing.
  3. Your written complaint will then form the basis of your Complaint Record which is kept with all other relevant documentation that you have the right to see on request.
  4. A written complaint should be sent to addressed as follows in the subject box: FOA - Complaint/Student.
  5. Our Complaints Procedure is designed to help you raise any problems you are experiencing and ensure that:
  • the complaint is recorded and explored
  • every effort is taken to resolve the complaint at an early stage
  • that the process is transparent and you are kept informed at every stage
  • the complaint is dealt with confidentially and fairly

The Complaint Record and related documentation is only seen by those directly involved with the complaint which will always include both Co Directors. There are various ways in which a complaint may be explored, but we allow all those involved to put forward their views and opinion. All complaints should begin at stage 1 and are normally resolvable at this stage. We will support you in making a complaint, however, you alone decide if you want to progress your complaint and to what stage.

Complaints Procedure Stages

  1. Discuss the complaint with the person concerned with the support of your course tutor or a Director if required.
  2. Complete a Letter of Complaint and send it to Complaint/Student (as directed above).
  3. If still unresolved, complaints can then be progressed to the Independent Complaints Board when your full course (or Term) fees have been paid.
  4. Any unresolved complaint involving either Co-Director should be progressed to The Complaints Board once your full course (or Term) fees have been paid.
  5. All complaints progressed to Independent Complaints Board should be submitted with any supporting evidence relevant to your complaint and evidence must be provided that you have attempted to resolve the complaint at an earlier stage.
  6. LC&CTA reserves the right, at any stage in the complaint’s procedure, to submit a Complaint to the Independent Complaints Board for assessment and response, if the Co-Directors deem this appropriate for all concerned. If LC&CTA does so you will be informed and asked to submit your evidence/comments to the Board.

LC&CTA abides by the decision and Report of the Independent Complaints Board; will always follow the board’s recommendations and takes its decision/s as final.

You will receive a copy of the Report/s written in relation to your case.

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