Data Retention Policy

Retention policy

We are committed to maintaining the privacy of everyone who comes into contact with us. However, we need to retain considerable documentation to run efficiently, while also ensuring the private personal data we hold is kept safely and confidentially for an appropriate period of time before it is destroyed.

Below you will see listed the documents/recordings/records that we keep and the retention period for such data.

If you have any questions please contact Christine Brown (Co-Director) at

All data is kept under password-access and please see our Password Policy and GDPR Breeches Policy for more information.


Minimum retention period after last active use

Client/student correspondence

Written complaint/s

Reviewed annually and destroyed as appropriate or retained for 7 years as appropriate

Client/student contact information; clients/students should inform us of any change/s to their contact details

7 years

Client/student assessment records

Feedback to students

7 years

Client/student session records and consensual audio/visual recordings; any audio/visual recordings or the content/s relating to such recordings will not be disclosed to 3rd parties without written or audio recorded agreement

1-7 years – depending on all parties agreement on the data’s relevance to be retained

Client/student leavers questionnaires (can be anonymous as appropriate) and testimonials which maybe used on our Website (but only with written permission to post such comment)

7 years – forever

Client/student SDQs and CORE forms; electronic data in relation to such records are anonymised by Code

Indefinitely electronically/ paper records are destroyed after 7 years

Client/student Codes kept as hard-copy reference in relation to identification purposes are destroyed after 7 years

Course records and Tutor Logs

7 years

Waiting lists for client/students

1 year after placement

Room hirer contact details

2 years after ending 7 years QB

Room hire contracts

2 years

Room hire correspondence

Reviewed bi-annually and destroyed/digitally removed

Room hire invoices

7 years online QB

Associate and volunteer/student contact information

3 years after ending.

Associates 7 years after ending - counselling Associates

Associate CVs and contracts

7 years after ending 3 years after ending - counselling Associates

CPD records and Qualification Records

7 year

Supporter contact information

2 years/ when unsubscribed

Supporter correspondence

2 years

Sponsor records

7 years

Events files

2 years

Governance documentation


Insurance documentation


Financial reports and accounting records

7 years

Successful Bid Documents

Unsuccessful Bid Documents

Course Accreditation Application/s

Course External Moderation/Verification Documents

1-7 years as appropriate

Bank details of Associates/organisations

2 years following end of work with LC&CTA

Health and safety policies

Accident and Emergency policies


Accident and emergency books /records (all A&E incidents are recorded)

7 years

Policies and the nature of documentation can be ratified at anytime if there are changes in Government Guidelines, or if, the retention periods/nature of data listed above prove to be ineffective in practice.

Date policy ratified: 11/7/2019

Date of next review: Directors meeting 11th July 2021

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