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We provide a range of Corporate Training Packages:

  • 1 Day Workshops
  • Team Building & Development Skills Workshops
  • Short Courses
  • Personnel Support Services

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1 Day Workshops

With some of the following Workshops it is possible to arrange for individual members of staff to attend LC&CTA ‘in house’ training days, rather than arranging a group delivery at a venue of your choice. The fees quoted are for up to 10 participants — fees are negotiable for workshops or courses beyond 10 participants.

Problem Solving Skills

This workshop is ideal for any one who wants to improve their problem solving skills and develop different ways of achieving this successfully. Participants will learn tried and trusted techniques which, if implemented, often provide quick and effective solutions to everyday reoccurring or sudden predicaments. These techniques include:

Specific Thought Mapping

Socratic Questioning Techniques

Incident Analysis

During this workshop participants can also be introduced to ‘Collective Attitudinal Highlighting’ a method developed by Chris Brown of LC&CTA which can bring into full awareness the underlying attitudes and beliefs which exist within a team or company that either promote or hinder productivity and growth and/or cause on-going problems to arise. Gaining such awareness enables teams/companies to build on their positive and constructive attitudes whilst working toward eradicating the issues which have lead to negative and hindering perspectives.

Normal Cost of the Workshop: £105.00 per participant (Groups 5-10 Participants)

Time Management

This workshop is designed for anyone who needs to improve their time management skills. We will address the typical barriers to managing time and how to develop self management skills in order to take control of work and delivery schedules.

We also explore time management tools and theories, and assist you in identifying your personal blocks to the effective management of time.

You will gain an understanding of how you can be more effective in organising your life and achieving your goals; career and personal.

Normal Cost of the Workshop: £85.00 per participant (Groups 5-10 Participants)

Stress Management

This workshop is for those who need to gain the knowledge and techniques to manage stress in the workplace.

We will be identifying the emotional and physical symptoms of stress and how this affects personal well being and effectiveness. We will also explore how to adopt lifestyle changes in order to gain confidence and use stress positively and productively.

Normal Cost of the Workshop: £85.00 per participant (Groups 5-10 Participants)

Managing Assertively

This workshop is for those who want to learn assertive management techniques and to recognise passive/aggressive behaviour in others and how best to deal with it.

We will define the different dynamics of passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours and assist you in developing an awareness of the corresponding body language which accompanies such behaviour.

We will also help you to identify your personal barriers to being assertive and explore how you can effectively get your message across whilst remaining open to the value and importance of listening to others.

Normal cost of the Workshop £85.00 per participant (Groups 5-10 Participants)

Communication Skills

This workshop is designed for participants who want to develop different techniques in and improve their communication skills.

We will identify the common barriers to communication and how these can be effectively addressed. We will consider and explore how you can encourage positive communication and promote positive working relationships in different situations.

Whilst the learning you glean on this workshop is primarily focused on developing these skills to use in the workplace, the skills can be as effectively used in personal relationships and situations.

Normal Cost of the Workshop: £85.00 per participant (Groups 5-10 Participants)

Presentation Skills

This workshop is for individuals who need to develop skills in presentation delivery.

You will learn how to prepare for a presentation, develop different presentation techniques and learn how to identify and meet the diverse needs of both general and specific audiences. We will explore your individual style of presenting and method of delivery and assists you in using this to its best advantage whilst avoiding common presentation mistakes.

You will receive guidance on how to manage anxiety and learn how to make the best presentation impact in different situations.

Normal Cost of the Workshop: £85.00 per participant (Groups 5-10 Participants)

Dealing With Difficult People & Complaints

This Workshop specifically explores how to deal with complaints and to communicate with and effectively manage difficulty people and the situations they tend to create. We will identify the most commonly encountered types of difficult people and will explore the ways in which such people try to block clear communication, sabotage plans and avoid being ‘managed’.

You will learn how to employ simple strategies to counter such behaviour and stay in control of the situation, whilst ensuring your message is heard.

This Workshop will also give you the strategies to deal swiftly and efficiently with complaints; getting straight to the heart of the matter and solving it at source.

Normal Cost of the Workshop: £85.00 per participant (Groups 5-10 Participants)

Introduction to Mental Health Issues

This Workshop is designed for those working in the Public, Education or Care Sectors who need a general understanding of mental health or are likely to come into contact with anyone suffering from mental health issues.

The Workshop Covers:

The Mental Health Act

- Why it was created and who does it serve

Whose Mental Health Issues?

- Who and how are individuals affected?


- The Range of Mental Disorders and how these are categorised.

- Mental Disorders, Mental Disturbance and Mental Distress and how do you tell the difference?

How are Mental Health Issues and Disorders Managed and By Whom?

- The NHS; Professional Roles and Responsibilities.

- Diagnosis; a negative or positive tool?

- Treatment and Drugs and their effect.

- Other Mental Health Organisations and their role.

Experiencing a Mental Disorder

- What does it feel like to have a mental disorder?

- What does it feel like to work with a client with a mental disorder?

Normal Cost of the Workshop: £95.00 (Groups 5-10 Participants)

Team Building & Development Skills Workshops

Developing an Effective & Supportive Awareness of Diversity

Whilst Britain has long been moving toward becoming the culturally and racially diverse country it is today, there are still many misunderstood human differences and outlooks which cause tension in the workplace.

This Workshop is designed to assist you in questioning your attitudes toward human difference and learning how to develop an understanding and appreciation of such differences instead of being at odds with them.

Central to this process is having an ability to take others’ racial and cultural experiences into consideration without stereotyping individuals, which is in and of itself a vital skill in the effective and supportive management of others. During the workshop we will explore how these skills and attitudes can be achieved.

We will also look at how Company or Team wide harmony can be created; developing a cooperate/team perspective in which cultural and racial difference is valued by your work force for the positive attribute it truly is, rather than simply having to manage or ‘police’ prejudice and racism.

Normal Cost of the Workshop: £85.00 per participant (Groups 5-10 Participants)

Peer Appraisal & Feedback Skills

One of the most effective ways proven to enhance performance and productivity is through an on-going Peer Appraisal and Feedback Scheme. During this Workshop you will learn basic Appraisal and Feedback Skills and we will show Managers and/or Teams how to set up such a scheme effectively.

Giving feedback in a supportive, non-judgemental but productive and honest manner takes proficiency and as a participant you will be equipped to achieve this, at least to a minimum degree, by the close of the workshop.

Self-reflection is vital to the process of peer appraisal and feedback and we will explore the personal benefits you will gain as an individual when you take the time to self-reflect; developing and building on your ability to meet your own career or work goals - whatever these may be.

We will look at the common and individually specific barriers to giving and receiving appraisal and feedback and also explore the best way for you to overcome such obstacles.

There is also the opportunity to opt for an additional half day follow-up session to iron out any difficulties and overcome any problems you are experiencing implementing the peer appraisal and feedback scheme.

Normal Cost of the Workshop: £85.00 per participant (Groups 5-10 Participants) Follow-up Session: £300.00

Mentoring & Team Development Skills — 2 Day Workshop

Helping staff to develop and become more effective in the workplace is a vital aspect of getting the best out of your team to improve productivity; mentoring and team development skills are invaluable in this endeavour.

This workshop will assist you in becoming an effective Mentor; giving you the skills to recognise the learning styles and needs of those you manage and how to encourage maximum confidence, performance and growth.

We will also explore how you can set up an effective Mentoring Scheme company or team wide and will provide 6 experiential sessions of on going Mentoring Support for the most senior managers participating in the training.

Normal Cost of the Workshop: £150.00 per participant (Groups 5-10 Participants) Cost with 6 x 1:1 experiential sessions included: £280.00 per participant

Short Courses

Creativity / Lateral Thinking Course

In the current financial climate nothing is more important than your managers and workforce/team being able to increase productivity, business and targets. This course is designed to give participants the opportunity to appreciate and develop their ability to ‘think outside the box’ and be creative; in order to be inventive and use initiative in the workplace.

Participants explore their abilities using words, music, movement, visual expression, and painting. We also look at exercises which can be used within teams to generate ideas and develop participants’ ability to see things laterally.

No prior experience is necessary but a willingness to participate and try out new ways of self-expressing is desirable. Whilst this course is fun it has proven to be invaluable to many, helping to amplifying their profitability and expanding their capacity to invent new concepts and make plans with the increased confidence to see these through to completion. The course run for 7 weeks and sessions are of 2 hours duration.

Normal Cost of the course £190.00 per participant (Groups 6-10 participants)

Autogenic Therapy Course

For this course it is possible to arrange for individual members of staff to attend LC&CTA ‘in house’ training days, rather than arrange for a group delivery at a venue of your choice. Please contact Chris Brown on 020 8692 0353 ext 3088 or email for bookings or further enquiries.

The course is for anyone who wants to change their attitudes and patterns of behaviour which increase rather than minimise stress.

Anyone who wishes to increase their creativity, improve sports performance and/or facilitate personal growth and development.

Following an initial one to one personal assessment with Lynne Stevens you will learn Autogenic Therapy over 7 weeks. Sessions last approximately 2 hours and are conducted in small supportive groups. No special clothing or equipment is required.

Over 7 weeks the whole programme is built up week by week; you are trained to use the exercises by Lynne who guides you through the process of change. Each week’s exercise builds on the last and forms an integral part of the whole programme. Gradually you will be training yourself to tap into and trust your own innate capacity to bring about improved physical and emotional health.

Between weekly classes, you’ll be asked to do two or three practice sessions each day and be able to access telephone support from Lynne should you require it. These simple exercises only take a few minutes, can be done anywhere, and help the mind and body focus on the process of switching to the relaxation response.

This proven method of changing the stress response was taught to BA Pilots and comes highly recommended.

Normal Cost of the course £215.00 per participant (Groups 6-10 participants)

Personnel Support Services

Critical Incident Debriefing

Critical Incident Debriefing (CID) is a highly structured form of debriefing, which can be provided to assist an individual after a traumatic experience; an act of violence, an accident or witnessing such events.

A critical incident is identified when an event has overridden an individual’s regular coping mechanisms and provokes stress in an otherwise normally healthy person. If left unaddressed such stress can cause profound emotional distress and impact greatly on a person’s current abilities and potential to develop new skills. The effects of such stress can result in shock, perceptual distortions and disruption, or feeling emotionally numb.

An individual can also become hostile and very angry, he/she may also become fearful, depressed develop sleeping difficulties or isolate from others. Intrusive thoughts, flashbacks (visual images of the event flash into the persons’ mind’s eye) and a profound sense of guilt can also develop.

LC&CTA can provide CID for individuals or groups if a Critical Incident has occurred internally or externally to the workplace which has affected your members of staff and their potential ability to continue to work effectively.

Cost of the service: Negotiable and based on requirements.

Personal Counselling

1:1 Counselling

From time to time, as is to be expected, members of staff often face personal problems and issues which may detrimentally effect their productivity and performance at work, but annually industry looses millions of man hours to ‘stress absenteeism’.

Providing staff with a confidential support service in times of emotional or life changing distress or crisis can ensure that the man hours lost to your company due to staff distress, can be reduced to a minimum.

LC&CTA can provide an ‘in house’ or ‘off site’ Counselling Service which your staff may be referred to as and when such support is deemed advantageous. How the implementation of such a service will work best for your company will be based entirely on your needs.

If you are interested in finding out more about developing this support service please contact Chris Brown (as above).

Cost of the service: Negotiable and based on requirements.

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