2010 National Research Success

Ese Agambi, Carey Buchanan, Maria Nakabugo and Molle Elizabeth Roberts (Liz) delivered their research study on Experiential Diversity Training at the bacp National Research Conference this year.

Student Research Poster Presentation, bacp National Research Conference 2010

‘What personal and professional impact has experiential diversity issues training had on the development of our peers during counsellor training; specifically in relation to the development of clinical practice?’

Research Presentation Posters

Ese, Maria, Carey and Liz with LC&CTA Co Directors Juanita & Chris on arrival at the conference

The group was joined by Angela Couchman from the bacp for a Champagne toast to the students’ success

Ese, Carey, Maria and Liz (left to right) can be seen above delivering the synopsis of their research to the conference assembly, and below talking to Conference Delegates about their research findings

During the weekend other LC&CTA sponsored students and tutors also attended the conference, we also enjoyed the Conference Dinner and Line Dance

We all went Posse then shot up the Line Dance

And Tony shook his Tail Feather

YEHA!.... Thyera went moody Country and Ese and Linda went glamorous Munroe

Carey went Vegas Cowgirl whilst Juanita remained Angelic

We won the Dinner Quiz and Muriel imitated a Western Saloon Hostess

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